Taiwo Oduala has directed films, shot in various locations and continents, i.e; Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Greece, Netherland, United Kingdom, United States of America, etc. And also has attended various film festivals.  

Also shot a Hollywood Short film project in America, Colorado. Titled: great news. With Hollywood actors and film crew. For spring 2014. Colorado film school and directors guild of Nigeria. Also working presently on a Nigeria/America movie titled: dreaming of America. Shot in America and Nigeria. 

Taiwo Oduala has a degree in sociology from the Lagos State University, & also working on his Master Degree. As he has earlier attended (GCL) Government College Lagos, Eric Moore. Also Graduate as a film production professional at Colorado Film School, United State of America.
More so he has taking part in some social & political issues. He is the Ceo /Director of Oduataj Productions & Entertainment Coy Limited. & the president of Oduataj Foundation (a foundation for orphans, less privileged & Right To Education).


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Taiwo Oduala's directing carrier experience as a young director started in 1991 as a stage\television director in training till 1994, where he begin full time training as a film and screen director, after he has earn a full experience of theartre stage, art and technical directing, and from 1994 to 1997 earn him a full time directing experience and qualification in film making.

Taiwo Oduala from 1997 till date has successfully directed & produced several box office hit movies and positive market results.

And various indigenous language hit such as, i.e; The Missing Skull [ Byelsa/Niger Delta Region], AWA [Northern Region], Adun Ewuro, Ijoko Ota, Adesewa, Ohun Owo Seti, Oladoja, Olatokunbo, Olasubomi, Mosorire [ yoruba region]. Ilu-Oba (The Queens land) 

Also directed & produced television soap opera, tv serial/sitcom & tv program such as:


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Too Young To Die, Motives, Try My Job, Meeting With Sport Personalities. Amongs others. Taiwo oduala's hit film was in 1997 titled; the future Adams, which was
Directed & Produced by him, there after several hit Movies such as, i.e; The Reward, Believe, Undertakers, God is great, Love is Wicked, the Unknown Suspect, Romantic Touch, the World Behind, Sincerely Yours, Rejected Twins, Lady of Faith, Moment of Joy, Days of Agony, End of Sorrow, Power of 3. & the Supernatural, Cascade (a film for UNICEF) My White Man, Calabar Siters in action, Blooms Berry Hotel, amongst others.

A British/Nigeria Film. Father Moses (Cinema) Eja Nla (Big Fish), Metomi. (Cinema) amongst others.

Also scripted a screen shoot for UNICEF Project and his world class film project: Hope of Orphans-(Adejonwo) to be shot soon at production stage.  

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