The 2022 Afro Awards Honors Masika Kalysha, Harry O’ Harrison, Curtis Young, Ayuko Babu, and Many Others.

Oduataj Productions and Entertainment CEO, Taiwo Oduala presented the 2022 Afro Awards at Regal Theater LA Live where they honored Harry O’ Harrison, Curtis Young, and many others. The Afro Awards honors American and African community leaders, philanthropists, dignitaries, and celebrities who are pioneers in their field and have demonstrated exceptional humanitarian excellence. This year’s event was hosted by VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Masika Kalysha who was also an honoree.

The 2022 Honorees included Harry O’ Harrison (Death Row Records Creator), Curtis Young (Rapper; Son of Dr. Dre), Ayuko Babu (Founder & CEO of Pan African Film Festival), Senator Ademola Jackson Adeleke (Senator; Humanitarian), Masika Kalysha (VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood; We TV’s Growing Up Hip Hop), Tina Weisinger (Founder of HAPAwards), Hubert Nakitare (Hip Hop Artist), Rochel Pamphile (CEO of Rocky R&P Entertainment), Dr. Lance McCarthy (Business Consultant; Humanitarian), Ade James (African Legendary Photographer; Humanitarian), Kandias Conda (Owner of Celebrity Brand), Charmaine Blake (Owner of Charmaine PR Firm), and Madam Lara Okunubi (Philanthropist/Humanitaria)

Special presenters included Amarachi Odinma (BET’s After Happily Ever After) and many others. Celebrities in attendance included Abby Ayoola (Naija Wives of Hollywood), Won-G Bruny (Rapper), Jordyn Carter JC (Recording Artist), Rodney Allen Rippy (Former Child Actor), Tyrone DuBose (Afro Awards Voiceover Host), Donzaleigh Abernathy (Actress & Civil Right Activist), Adetutu Falana (Tututech LLC), Dar Dixon (Director & Producer), Calvin Hill (Navy Veteran & creator of Mr. & Ms. Military Pageant), and many others.

Top Dreams Universal Executive, Noah Ogun Oluyide who garnered the 2022 Afro Awards honorees and presenters, executive produced the award show alongside BackHome LLC Executive, Adewole Lipede who was added a week prior to the show.

This year’s Afro Awards sponsors included Oduataj Foundation, Top Dreams Universal, Cyril Robinson Tech & Web Design - Boss at, Wamufat International, AGIC Energy, G.O. Associates Limited. Tag Agic Group Holdings, Afrebay, Lamurudu, The Peejay Home Team, Back Home LLC., R&P Entertainment Agency LLC., Strictly Industry, El’s Empowerment Foundation, and Legacy Tailors.

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Taiwo Oduala set to launch AFRO AWARDS 2023

“AFRO AWARDS 2022 is one that will bring together big names in the global industries across the globe, and it would be the best place to get to meet with other personalities, and possibly have interactions that would change the course of lives.  
Taiwo Oduala set to launch AFRO AWARDS 2023.

Afro Awards 2022: Osun Governor-Elect, Ademola, Davido, Others Bag Awards in California.

Also, to be honoured is the First Lady of Sierra Leone, Mrs Fatima Maada and Ayuko Babu (Founder & CEO of the Pan African Film Festival and Seye Kehinde, a renowned Nigerian Journalist.


Movie director Oduala to launch maiden AFRO awards in Los Angeles

Taiwo Oduala set to launch AFRO AWARDS 2023

And various indigenous language hit such as, i.e; The Missing Skull [ Byelsa/Niger Delta Region], AWA [Northern Region], Adun Ewuro, Ijoko Ota, Adesewa, Ohun Owo Seti, Oladoja, Olatokunbo, Olasubomi, Mosorire [ yoruba region]. Ilu-Oba (The Queens land).

Cyril Robinson DPR - Creative, IT-Design expert, supports Afro Awards-2023 in Los Ageles to achieve biggest show of excellence Awards in the U.S.A this 6th of November, 2023. He will also be honoured with a special certificate by the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, California in the United States of America.



Foremost Movie Director, Taiwo Oduala, CEO Oduataj productions and Entertainment Inc. is set to launch AFRO AWARDS 2023 in Los Angeles.


Taiwo Oduala said that the awaradees as are among Africans and Americans, who distinguished themselves in various fields of endeavours...

Nigerian American Film Director to Honor Africans and Americans at the 2nd Afro Awards 2023

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